The 12 Most Interesting Reasons Schools Give As To Why They Fell In Love With CEA

  1. It’s simple and easy to use.
  2. It works with or without the internet.
  3. Class schedules can now be completed in less than half the time with little or no effort.
  4. Grade supervisors or Vice Principals no longer need to write on several hundred reports. He/she can pre-define comments based on an average and the system will automatically assign those comments and the supervisor may still over-write those comments made by the system.
  5. Form teachers no longer need to calculate averages.
  6. Department heads can now analyze the performance or result of each class teacher.
  7. Strong or weaker students can now easily be identified with the class ranking report on a per class, grade or per subject basis by specifying an average that students perform above or below
  8. It generates a large amount of useful data that enables the school leaders to make informed decisions.
  9. It generates large amount of useful and informative data
  10. Automatic class ranking and promotion
  11. Computerized Report cards & Transcript
  12. Automatic class scheduling


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