Intelligence Made Visible


CEA is built on a global platform. We have discovered at CEA that anything of consequence is incredibly challenging when it comes to development. In improving the day to day running of schools and to aid in providing a great learning experience for students CEA is designed to use DATA to help better understand teaching and learning and decision making that drives schools. CEA designs uses the 4 pillars on which it is built, as engines that drive its core function. Its function has been simplified to make its use extremely friendly. The idea of DATA being used as the evidence and foundation on which schools are driven is woven in the fibre of CEA. We believe in data driven schools and CEA has been designed to support all schools who would like to use data as their driving force. Schools are getting better daily in their use of data and CEA has the privilege of being a leading software that enables schools to get better daily.

Whether it involves the improvement of teaching and learning or greater efficacy in administrative undertakings of schools, there is no doubt that DATA gives us the opportunity to be more able to comprehend schools around us. The sources as well as the amount of data found within individual schools continue to propagate and using this information intelligently can create and promote leadership of the highest standard. The CEA platform aid learning institutions in processing information acquired so as to be able to analyze and act on intelligent data.

From day one we endeavoured to create something that will change the lives of schools and students. It was challenging. I am sure you will agree, that a product that is considered great takes hard work and a long time to develop. Did we succeed? Yes we did and the principals, teachers and the chairs of school boards have spoken. CEA powers many schools and is a great school management software provider. We have found that it is often comforting to our clients to know that we have been doing this now for ten years.

If you’re think about a school and data management solution. Think CEA!


The CEA team spent two solid years in research making a defined link between schools and their use of data in school development, school improvement and teaching and learning. We have over the 10 years maintained our investment and focus on research development as it relates to CEA and schools. We have found as part of our research that excellence is a habit and if we are what we do repeatedly, then the things we do each and everyday defines us. In other words we become what we do; therefore excellence is not an act, it’s a habit.

CEA (Complete Edu-analytics) is good habit to have!