Bulk Text Message


Our bulk text messaging service allows you to:

  • Send messages direct from your school management system to parents to notify them of students’ absences, emergencies, school closures, meetings etc.
  • Once a student is registered and telephone numbers are recorded the system activates the school admin’s ability to contact parents via text.
  • Text messaging is a more direct and speedier way to contact


  • Our bulk text message service saves you money by offering you a cheaper deal than other third party providers
  • The text system will allow you to send attendance alerts to parents (this is for students who may be late or absent)
  • Our system allows you to centralise your messaging without the need to providing a new student contact list, as you would have to do annually with a third party provider.
  • You may use a third party provider for this service, however the service will not be seamless and third party providers will require you to submit a new contact list to them annually or as the contact number of the students change and this will increase your workload.
  • Our text messaging service is seamless and saves you time